Aris Group | What We Do
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What We Do

Technology and communication are key factors in todays employee benefits landscape. Aris Group is dedicated to providing our agents the solutions for their clients employee benefit needs.

Dollars and Sense

Preparation Makes All the Difference

Worksite benefits allow employers and employees to plan for the supplemental costs that medical insurance doesn’t cover. Aris Group designs benefit programs suitable to the budgets of those wishing to enroll. 

Improve Productivity

Happy Employees Are Better Employees

Voluntary worksite benefits provide a level of confidence that if and when a life event occurs a structure is in place to manage the associated costs. This level of security correlates to greater job satisfaction and productivity.

Streamlined Process

Sounds great, but what will it cost in both time and money?

The short answer? Nothing.

Aris Group streamlines the process for business owners, human resource professionals and brokers – anyone tasked with managing the integration of plans and enrollment process at no direct cost to employer or employees. We communicate directly with individuals and employees allowing you to do what you do best while we manage the rest.


Annual Cost to Manage Diabetes


One Night in Hospital


Average Root Canal and Crown


1 Month of Cancer Drugs

Source: The American Diabetes Association®

Source: International Federation of Health 2015 Study

Source: The Simple Dollar (July 2016)

Source: Journal of Oncology Practice (July 2014)

Ready to find out how you can offer worksite benefits?