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Discover benefit solutions that not only streamline the process, but help companies (large and small) attract the best employees to their businesses.


We know assessing and enrolling in benefit programs can be daunting to individual entrepreneurs and families. Let Aris Group be your guide.


Brokers enjoy enrollment solutions and a team of experts armed with the best products to help retain their existing clients while capturing new ones.

Wondering how you can bring Aris Group to your own business, employer or organization?

What We Do

Worksite Benefits Make a Difference

Aris Group helps educate employers and employees on affordable worksite benefits and how they can help with spiraling medical expenses while providing avenues that reduce financial risk.

Employers Appreciate:

Our assessment and analysis process of existing benefit packages and how they can dovetail into a worksite benefit offering.

Our carrier agnostic model allows us to shop the market allowing access to a wide variety of carriers and products.

Employees Appreciate:

We work directly with employees educating and advising all on the nuances of worksite benefit options so tailored choices can be made.

Support and policy claims are all handled by the Aris Group team.

Brokers Appreciate:

Aris Group is a true partner for brokers across the United States.

Where others stop at enrollment, we enroll and service our clients throughout the life of the worksite benefit package selected.

Why the Name Aris Group?

The word Aris is of Greek origin and means best. We chose the name Aris Group because we’re committed to providing employers, individual entrepreneurs and brokers the best worksite benefits solutions with superior service.

Aris Group Worksite Benefit Options

The Worksite Benefits Highlighted Are Available for Companies Big or Small

Disability Insurance

Feel confident income is in place if an accident, illness or maternity event occurs that limits your ability to work for a short or more significant period of time.


Inspire smiles with the ability to offer dental insurance whether for the individual entrepreneur or larger corporate entity.


A comprehensive vision plan (not a discount plan) is a great benefit for any company that wishes to attract star employees.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a benefit that your employees and their families will appreciate in the event the unthinkable occurs.


Accidents can't always be avoided. Be prepared when they do happen with the right coverage.


Virtual healthcare is an affordable and accessible option for diagnosis and treatment of individuals.


Coinsurance, copayments, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses can be significant. Hospital insurance takes this financial worry out of the equation.

Critical Illness

When a significant health event takes place knowing costs are addressed allows the focus to be on recovery, not the expenses associated with healing.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a reality and can be expensive to rectify. Identity theft insurance offers protection in the event you are victimized.

*** Please note most of the above benefits are also available on a direct basis for individual consumers. 

What Our Clients Say

Some of Our Providers

Our Mandate

Our job is to find solutions that work for each unique scenario. Benefits by Design is more than a tagline – it’s what we do.